Laurie Tavan

Livermore Scottish Games: the Needle’s Eye 4

Livermore Scottish Games: the Needle’s Eye

Packing for the event: We had a successful, albeit disgustingly hot weekend up in Livermore, CA this weekend. Our group decided to try out a new theme. We portrayed a tailors shop displaying garments...

Italian gown: sneak peek 7

Italian gown: sneak peek

I’ve started the next portion of my Italian gown. Here is a quick preview: The petticoat patterning for the silk fabric is 9 pieces and the linen lining 14 pieces! It was fun putting...

Wedding Waist cincher: mock-up 0

Wedding Waist cincher: mock-up

This mock-up in being shipped to the east coast this week for a long distance fitting. It is made with a mild 3″ waist reduction patterned in for a gentle smoothing for under a...

Underbust corset: mock-up 0

Underbust corset: mock-up

Other than adding a bone and slightly changing two boning placements this pattern if ready to go! My parrot Percy snuck into this photo.

Rose & Red Surcoat: construction & fitting 0

Rose & Red Surcoat: construction & fitting

My client saw this 1 yard of red shot-with-black silk taffeta with a gold embroidery and knew she wanted to do another silk gown. We had been thinking of going with another linen gown....