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1880s style coutil corset: mock-up 2

1880s style coutil corset: mock-up

Yep the bias coutil boning channels make me happy. Can’t wait to actually make the real corset. It was hard to stuff it evenly, so I can’t wait to see what actually happens on...

Starry Nite corset:  emb. sample w/ piping 3

Starry Nite corset: emb. sample w/ piping

I’m working through some of the sample embroideries by testing them in different threads. The one satin stitch star will be nixed because the design ended up too heavy. The one star pattern doesn’t...

White & blue corset: applying binding 0

White & blue corset: applying binding

The binding for this corset is made up of a combination of blue 5/8″ double-faced polyester ribbon and a cotton edging applied over it. It is rolled over on the bottom edge.

Fabric Sample : test swatch 0

Fabric Sample : test swatch

My client took a trip to LA fabric district and picked out this lovely peach shot-with-white silk and white silk for binding. I’m testing out a color for flossing (not completed on the swatch)...

Wedding corset mock-up 0

Wedding corset mock-up

Look at all that blue erasable marker! Stitching lines can be drawn on the mock-up pattern pieces for quicker construction but the washable/disappearing markers warn that they don’t always “disappear” permanently so they are...

Gold & Burgundy Corset: preview 1

Gold & Burgundy Corset: preview

This is a preview of the completed corset which will be modeled at a later date by one of my clients. I am looking forward to capturing some lovely photos of this corset on...