Laurie Tavan

Colonial Williamsburg: brief overview 0

Colonial Williamsburg: brief overview

The day started slowly with the realization that a lot more was closed in Colonial Williamsburg than expected. Not a single tavern was open this winter. Winter programming started Jan. 1st. and a lot...

DC & Williamsburg 3

DC & Williamsburg

Ann and I are flying out tomorrow to go pack up 1930s furniture to ship home to my 1928 home. The style should suit the place. They are from my husband’s grandparents who recently...

Moved and now unpacking! 0

Moved and now unpacking!

The workshop is moved but I’m waiting to unpack. I have a 4-6 week estimate on getting the windows and sliding glass door replaced with safety glass. Next week starts the electrical upgrade. Once...

B&W: front and back flat 0

B&W: front and back flat

Today was the final fitting and it looks (and I’m told feels) wonderful! Now to get her in for a photoshoot! Until then I have a few snap shots of it finished laying on...

White & blue corset: applying binding 0

White & blue corset: applying binding

The binding for this corset is made up of a combination of blue 5/8″ double-faced polyester ribbon and a cotton edging applied over it. It is rolled over on the bottom edge.