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2015 Fresno City College Faire

I’ve included a lot of photos of my sons Cream kirtle or petticoat because today I cut it up to make him a Prince Kit Charming outfit for Fantasy Fair. So I’ll share that...


2014 Much Ado about Sebastopol II

Here are some shots from the faire last year: Includes a lot of great costuming detail shots. Not all costuming by me, just those on me, my husband or my kid :)


2013 Much Ado about Sebastopol

Featuring mostly my son in his cream petticoat and one shot with his pink gown overtop, along with my husband in his blue & gold Tudor style fencing jacket:

Green & Taupe Childs Gown 1

Green & Taupe Childs Gown

This cute little gown is a gift for a lovely girl whose mothers helped out with Corwin this past few months. It is green linen with taupe velvet ribbon. I couched down a fun...

Fair Oaks Faire: Lady Mary 1

Fair Oaks Faire: Lady Mary

Last minute one of the court contacted me to borrow a gown. I gave her the closest thing to Tudor that I have since I have yet to make a “real” Tudor gown. I...

Paternosters: loop prayer beads w/ gauds 1

Paternosters: loop prayer beads w/ gauds

Here are two paternosters (aka historical rosaries or prayer beads) I’ve made for use at Renaissance faire: One is bone with coral marker beads decorated with gold and a terracotta tassel. The other is...

Panie Zosia’s hair at Willits 0

Panie Zosia’s hair at Willits

Since I sport long hair and grew up with two sisters I had to learn early on how to braid and create up-dos. I find it so relaxing and rewarding. Sometimes I capture them...