Laurie Tavan has an incredibly unique and fun spin on classic historic silhouettes. Using color blocking and graphic bias stripes, Laurie breathes fresh life into antique-inspired styles, reminding us that not all historic corsets need be simple, undyed, underwear corsets. Like any good corsetmaker, Laurie also has a keen eye for detail and fit.
– Marianne of Lingerie Addict

One word came to mind: precision.
– Cathy Hay of Foundations Revealed

Laurie Tavan wowed us all with her imaginative interpretation of the 1913 Hume corset patent. It seemed everyone wanted to wear it! The bold colours and high-Victoriana styling were reminiscent of Parisian can-can and Wild West saloon bars; rich, opulent and decadent. And of course, it’s beautifully made, right down the to tiniest bow detail. Laurie – we’re seriously impressed!
-Foundations Revealed – Competition: Experienced level

I’m delighted to feature the work of one of my Californian corsetmaking colleagues: Laurie Tavan. You may recall her from my list of 10 Specialty Corsetieres. Laurie’s synthesis of historical silhouettes with a modern design aesthetic is deliciously unique, and she’s also very well-versed in bespoke fit across a wide range of sizes.
-Marianne of Lingerie Addict

Laurie is one of the most gifted and meticulous makers I have ever had the pleasure of working with, equally so as a maker, a writer and a photographer. I continue to admire all her work and feel privileged to watch her grow in skill, reputation and confidence. I would echo Rose, my favourite is the pink and white corset modelled by Evie Wolfe. Such an accomplished level of styling and fitting is rarely seen.
-Cathy Hay of Foundations Revealed