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Project diaries: I’m behind! 3

Project diaries: I’m behind!

I am so behind on the dress diaries for all my commissions! I should just write them as I go & save them as unpublished drafts but I’ve been busy enough I haven’t keep...

Sitenews: new categories 0

Sitenews: new categories

I keep thinking how lovely it would be to have an easy way for people to look at all posts related to one project (a la dress diary style). So I’m doing this without...

Sitenews: new RSS feed 0

Sitenews: new RSS feed

We moved my syndication to Feedburner last night. If you’re subscribed to my RSS feed, please click the big orange RSS icon in the upper right corner and resubscribe through Feedburner. Thanks!

Cleaning: photo and garage storage 0

Cleaning: photo and garage storage

Yes I’m alive and working on many projects. Life has revolved around cleaning (and planting). I know I haven’t been very posty lately. There is a good reason. No posts have been forthcoming because...

Commissions Closed 0

Commissions Closed

I’ve just received 90 day notice from our landlord that we will have to move out (at least it wasn’t 30 days!). She is planning to move in immediately and hopes we might move...


Facebook page

For those of you who prefer to keep track of things via facebook I’ve created a page there: Daze of Laur Facebook Page

Computer back but not healthy 2

Computer back but not healthy

My laptop turned into a brick about a month ago. We finally convinced Apple to take it back and fix it. It is back but look what it did: Now after rebooting it looks...

Sitenews: I’ve been Gone forever! 2

Sitenews: I’ve been Gone forever!

Yes it may seem I’ve been gone forever. The day after my wedding I came down with the worst flu I’ve ever had in my entire life. And it just stayed with me a...