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2015 Fresno City College Faire

I’ve included a lot of photos of my sons Cream kirtle or petticoat because today I cut it up to make him a Prince Kit Charming outfit for Fantasy Fair. So I’ll share that...


2014 Much Ado about Sebastopol II

Here are some shots from the faire last year: Includes a lot of great costuming detail shots. Not all costuming by me, just those on me, my husband or my kid :)


2013 Much Ado about Sebastopol

Featuring mostly my son in his cream petticoat and one shot with his pink gown overtop, along with my husband in his blue & gold Tudor style fencing jacket:

Tudor Wylliecoat 0

Tudor Wylliecoat

My husband has not had a new outfit for fair in over 10 years. His last one was made by his mother, and while it is still lovely it is not idea for his...


Worsted wool kirtle

The brown wool kirtle is mostly finished. I’m going to have to open it up and put in another layer between the surface worsted wool and the cotton with buckram. I skipped that step...

Baby’s first smock 0

Baby’s first smock

I picked blue for the color of his eyes and gold for his hair. I think he looks adorable. I made the gown a bit big hoping he can grow into it since babies...

Fair Oaks Faire: Lady Mary 1

Fair Oaks Faire: Lady Mary

Last minute one of the court contacted me to borrow a gown. I gave her the closest thing to Tudor that I have since I have yet to make a “real” Tudor gown. I...