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Modeling for Lynn McMasters patterns

Full photoshoot modeling with Breanna Bayba for Lynn Mcmasters available on my photography page. Here are a few of the looks: The floral underskirt was made by Breanna and paired with an inprogress print...

Dickens Fair: bonnets in progress 2

Dickens Fair: bonnets in progress

Preparation for Dickens Christmas Fair is well under way :) Made it through the first workshop weekend as well as dancing practice with the Prince consort(s) tonight. I wanted a fun project & these...

Lil’ Hat 0

Lil’ Hat

Every once in a while, I find I don’t have the correct costuming for an event in my mammoth closet (s) [hallways, garage, or extra racks around the house]. I had an evening where...

Gift Wrap corset: wrapping done! 1

Gift Wrap corset: wrapping done!

My present corset is complete. It has been added to the gallery: – Click on image to go to the gallery – *The hat and pin-tucked burgundy & white striped petticoat were also made...

Hats added to Outerwear 2

Hats added to Outerwear

The decorated silk attifet was finished today. My fencing instructor was kind enough to model the pill box and attifet.