Laurie Tavan

P&B corset: progress and lace 1

P&B corset: progress and lace

These photos show the detail at the busk including the planned lace treatment along the girdle. The lace was custom dyed purple. The first dye batch turned out too red but the second batch...

Caramel Cream: doublet 0

Caramel Cream: doublet

The beading has finally started and more beads are on order! Here are some images of the trim my client purchased for her gown that was combined with caramel velvet and beading.

“Old blood”corset: mock-up 0

“Old blood”corset: mock-up

Here is the first test run of a late Victorian mid-bust style corset. On the left is the initial patterning from the measurements and on the right you can see the alterations I plan...

Computer back but not healthy 2

Computer back but not healthy

My laptop turned into a brick about a month ago. We finally convinced Apple to take it back and fix it. It is back but look what it did: Now after rebooting it looks...

“Golden Thimble” Award from cc26 2

“Golden Thimble” Award from cc26

A few surprise overall hall costume awards were given out on Sunday, at Costume Con 26, while we waited for the historical masquerade judging. Here is a glimpse at one of the pamphlets showing...

Costume Con 26 San Jose, CA 1

Costume Con 26 San Jose, CA

I have so much to write but I’ll start with saying – Wow! I had a wonderful time. I recognized some outfits, some faces, and some names. I need to start adding everyone on...

Caramel Cream: sleeve mock-up 0

Caramel Cream: sleeve mock-up

No these are not the final fabrics: The design looks fabulous on an actual arm instead of flat as seen here. I can’t wait to start with the final velvet fabrics.

Testing an embroidery design 2

Testing an embroidery design

It is always worth doing a mock-up of any design plan so you can catch potential problems. In this case, I planned some embroidery to match a design on the trim chosen by a...

Quilted doublet test sample 0

Quilted doublet test sample

Here is an example of a quilting sample that was used in picking the right combination of fabrics, batting, and extra padding for an arming doublet that is in progress: The Venetian hose made...