Laurie Tavan

Costume Con 26 San Jose, CA 1

Costume Con 26 San Jose, CA

I have so much to write but I’ll start with saying – Wow! I had a wonderful time. I recognized some outfits, some faces, and some names. I need to start adding everyone on...

Caramel Cream: sleeve mock-up 0

Caramel Cream: sleeve mock-up

No these are not the final fabrics: The design looks fabulous on an actual arm instead of flat as seen here. I can’t wait to start with the final velvet fabrics.

Testing an embroidery design 2

Testing an embroidery design

It is always worth doing a mock-up of any design plan so you can catch potential problems. In this case, I planned some embroidery to match a design on the trim chosen by a...

Quilted doublet test sample 0

Quilted doublet test sample

Here is an example of a quilting sample that was used in picking the right combination of fabrics, batting, and extra padding for an arming doublet that is in progress: The Venetian hose made...

B&G update 0

B&G update

Here is the doublet with the collar finished along with the requested hat. The buttons are just pinned on and are waiting for the final fitting.

B&G Doublet and Skirt preview 0

B&G Doublet and Skirt preview

I had very little of this blue and gold (B&G) fabric to start with but we’ve managed to piece together trim for a skirt and hat and a doublet of the embroidered silk. I...

Sitenews: I’ve been Gone forever! 2

Sitenews: I’ve been Gone forever!

Yes it may seem I’ve been gone forever. The day after my wedding I came down with the worst flu I’ve ever had in my entire life. And it just stayed with me a...

Blue and White corset 0

Blue and White corset

Pillows never quite show off a corset as nicely as a body but here is another preview of my latest corset: The boning channels were re-arranged after the mock-up stage to provide more side-bust...