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Perfectly Pink Venetian: inprogress 1

Perfectly Pink Venetian: inprogress

Perfectly Period Pink Mini-Challenge is happening this upcoming month. Too bad I already started my pink gown this week before finding out about it. I guess I could just enter the bodice, sleeves,etc.. without...

Black & White mock-up 1

Black & White mock-up

I re-drafted from an antique pattern I purchased from Atelier Sylphe a while back. I was no where near the ideal measures for the corset so it was an interesting trial. I took measurements...

Cranach style gown 1

Cranach style gown

Yes I have not worked on this since 2007! But here are some updates. I hope to wear it this weekend. Inspiration image: Currently during a fitting:

18th century jacket: trial version 2

18th century jacket: trial version

I traded a blue and white duvet cover for this hand block printed cotton fabric. The pattern itself is too dense but some of the elements remind me of 18th century fabrics. I’ll have...

Queen Victoria revamp: cape 0

Queen Victoria revamp: cape

This cotton velvet cape was dismantled for alterations. A brown fur has been removed and white/cream fur added along the hood, and around the neckline. Cream tassels finish the ends of the front sections...

Spider Pin cushion present :) 0

Spider Pin cushion present :)

Here is my newest “crew member” helping out with the binding on the deep ocean blue corset. He was a recent gift from one of my clients. I had just gotten out of the...