Laurie Tavan

Patterning: from an antique corset 0

Patterning: from an antique corset

Laura brought over a cute corset for me to play with. I’m taking a pattern off it and hope to play with maybe PVC? Hmm.. maybe not with all the seaming. We will see....

New fabric: yummy tartan 2

New fabric: yummy tartan

This didn’t actually arrive in time for the project I intended it for so maybe it will become a gown for my lil’ boy… decisions…

Happy Christmas 0

Happy Christmas

Wearing mommy’s elf hat I made to play “Toe” at Dickens fair.

Baby is born 5

Baby is born

Shortly after finishing up work for the day on the purple wedding gown my water broke on Sept. 19th- 37+ hours of labor later I have a precious little bundle: I’m lucky that he...