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The supplies arrived and I’ve made a dent in the construction process: Body with boning channels started: Strap:

Callus & plans 0

Callus & plans

I officially have an ironing callus. It is nice to have but my pinky finger isn’t quite hardened enough and it abhored the 10 more yards of linen I ironed today. Interestingly enough this...

Mock-up/SLO faire 0

Mock-up/SLO faire

Much progress was made on the renaissance pair of bodies including but not limited to cutting out 18 pieces. I pieced together some silk damask fabric remnant for the mock-up because I have such...

18th century corset – preview 0

18th century corset – preview

Another quick glimpse at the wedding corset. The center front is still lacking panels. I’ve stuck in a wooden busk just to support the lacing while I checked that everything was working well. Embroidery...

Brown corset outfit 0

Brown corset outfit

My client made it over for her final fitting on a silk chemise to wear under her corset. We’ve added a long skirt to the ensemble for use at more formal occasions. I’m hoping...

Silk chemise details 0

Silk chemise details

A peek at the french seams on a new chemise: For ease of construction the gussets have been bisected and french seamed as well.