Blue & Black underbust corset: lining & grommets

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  1. Whitestar says:

    Lovely corset! The contrast between the blue and black is wonderful.

    I love the straps that go over the shoulders, and the underbust that is peaked. This is one style I’ve been wanting to have custom made.

    I noticed in your info that we live not to far from each other. When I’ve saved enough pennies, I’ll contact you to arrange a fitting if you’re available.

    Oh, I’m also a client of Fern’s :) I may have met you at her office at some point.

  2. laurie says:

    Thanks! My parrot Percy still goes to For the birds for boarding when I go on trips and of course for her annual check-ups! I’ve moved down a bit further south into San Jose but it is fairly easy to get to from anywhere in the bay.

    I’d love to work on something custom for you. I”m starting to take commissions for 2010 so feel free to contact me anytime. We can always start planning and discussing a project even if you are not ready to start. By the way, I am always willing to set up payment plans so you pay as you go which is usually better on most people’s budgets.

  3. Whitestar says:

    The idea of a payment plan sounds good. I’ll need to look at some of the pictures of corsets that I’ve saved to see what I want exactly. There are so many beautiful corsets, it’ll be difficult to narrow it down, lol.

    Have you ever made anything from PVC fabric or patent leather? I’ve been wanting a corset made from either of those. Maybe adding rings and studs. I don’t know how difficult it is to work with PVC so I’m asking out of curiosity :)

  4. laurie says:

    Funny you ask- I just bought some black, red, & white pvc to test out to make some samples. So no I haven’t sewn with them yet but they are on my list for research and development.

    I will need to make sure to hone my skills before trying a corset in them but they are not out of the realm of possibility. I have worked in leather but not pvc or patent leather yet.

  5. Ellira says:

    I love the design of this corset! It reminds me of an elegant bird.

  6. crissycatt says:

    Beautiful! I love the way the piped lines flow.
    Have you tried increasing the foot pressure when sewing over the piping? Or maybe stop sewing just before the piping and pulling the threads for the inside and knotting them?

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