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PB&J Mid-bust Victorian 1

PB&J Mid-bust Victorian

A tight-lacing corset with an 8″ waist reduction featuring pretty black contrasting stitching and a belting of black coutil with a hand dyed cotton lace: I’ll be adding a few corsets to the gallery...

PB&J corset: binding and drawstring 2

PB&J corset: binding and drawstring

I decided on the black to match the girdle although the purple looked very classy as well: Here is the final result: I’ve included more construction photos behind the cut showing insertion of the...

PB&J corset: progress 0

PB&J corset: progress

After sewing double boning channels at the seams I decided it would took neat with triple boning channels over the decorative top stitching: Half the base of the corset is finished. It will be...