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Gift Wrap corset: update 1

Gift Wrap corset: update

Hand sewing the binding and adding the lacing is all that is left! Sometimes it feels lovely to procrastinate on projects by working on a project. What a lovely present it is becoming.

Polish gown inprogress 0

Polish gown inprogress

Our guildmistress picked out some fabric she decided had to be used for the guild. I dutifully purchased it and accepted the challenge to get a gown done by Folsom Renaissance faire. I wonder...

Wedding progress 0

Wedding progress

I adjusted the pattern for Jeremy’s breeches and cut out the velvet last night, then serged all of the edges. Luckily this velvet is not leaving velvet “bugs” everywhere like I imagined it would....

Cranach Gown progress 0

Cranach Gown progress

The project is majorly on the back burner but I wanted to show the progress. It was started because I needed a project I could pick up and put down whenever I wanted. I...

Green Wool Bodice 0

Green Wool Bodice

The Green wool middles are progressing nicely. I’m working on interlining the bodice today. Here are some progress shots: Tacking back the curved back seams:

Cuffs and collar 0

Cuffs and collar

Working on some machine embroidered blackwork cuffs and collars using very simple stitches. Here is a preview of the new chemise’s collars and cuffs:

Venetian hose 0

Venetian hose

The black wool and linen lining for a new pair of Venetian hose are cut out and ready for construction. I hope to take some photographs of their construction over the next week. Look...

70 grommets and 58 bones later 0

70 grommets and 58 bones later

I have to say this recent pair of bodies has broken my record with the sheer number of grommets and bones required. Cutting, filing, and dipping 58 bones was quite a chore. Inserting 70...