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Chemise nearly done 0

Chemise nearly done

I had the pleasure of wearing my new chemise this weekend and it is indeed nearly done. Any additions will be cosmetic and will be delayed due to other priorities. Here is a preview:

A bunch of updates 0

A bunch of updates

Finished hand binding all those grommets! Continued working on the new chemise with some lovely progress. Here is a photo: In other news I’ve started a Cranach gown from a few yards of upholstry...

Hand binding over grommets 0

Hand binding over grommets

I don’t often have enough time to hand cover grommets. Yesterday my fiance was testing or fencing instructor through the San Jose fencing Masters program and I watched (sewed) for the entire 8 hours....

Embroidery for a caul 0

Embroidery for a caul

Here is a photo of the progress on the polish caul, mainly done with a chain stitch. Made totally freehand – I let my hands design as I went which was a very relaxing...

Silk Fifties Dress: inprogress 0

Silk Fifties Dress: inprogress

Here are a couple shots taken while I was working on a 1950s dress in a fun brightly-colored silk. Look for photos of the finished outfit in the coming weeks – it’s been done...

In the works… 0

In the works…

I’m excited about a corset/skirt design that is inprogress. Rich shot silks and embroidery in a luscious ensemble. A Venetian-style mask completes the package. Check back in a few days for pictures!