Steampunk Bridegroom Ensemble: making of

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  1. Kimiko says:

    This is cool, seeing the interior work you did on this suit. May I ask if you designed the pattern, or used a commercial one, and if so which?

    And where would you find a man’s mannequin? I’d like to get one myself, since I’ve made up many men’s outfits, and need something without breasts and minimal hips myself.

  2. laurie says:

    I patterned it myself pulling details out a few Victorian tailoring books, from Stardust the movie, & from 18th century extant garments. The jacket itself is odd because it is kinda a morph between a frock coat, what some might call a duster, and a cut away coat. You can start with a regular frock coat pattern and then adapt the front to cut away and adjust for larger lapels, and change the shape of the bottom of the sleeve to get the bell shape. I pulled from my knowledge of 18th century coats for some of the style lines especially the line of the shoulder and the sweep of the skirting.

    Men’s mannequins are commonly made just not commonly found in the local sewing stores! I know Dritz makes one but I’m looking at a little higher end I need to shop around and find who has the best prices.

    I found it irritating to work on the jacket without one. I ended up doing the front of the jacket by hanging it backwards on the form so the fronts had a flat surface!

  3. Kimiko says:

    Thank you. Interesting patterning ideas, but the end result looked great. Looks like time to save up my pennies for a dress form. Dritz is not an option, as I hate the plastic bodies; pinnable is a must.

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