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SF Speakeasy

I’ve been enjoying attending the SF Speakeasy over the past two years, so many visits! This time I went with one of my best friends, Rene and we both managed to take a few...

Snow Flower 2- 0

Snow Flower 2-

A bit wicked yet beautiful Model: Threnody in Velvet Photographer: Iberian Black arts Corset, knickers, and garters: Laurie Tavan


Snow Flower-

Like a flower that grows up out of the snow in Tahoe each year we visit. A bit of bright red amongst the dark forest and white snow.


Maui Trip

i decided to take one corset along with me on our family vacation. Here is my more dressed up look:       



I had the pleasure of shooting last years collection pieces underwater with Alberich with my best friend Jezebel. Here is one of the final images: Photographer: M. Alberich Mathews Model: Jezebel Designer: Laurie Tavan



I love when models just go along with my hair brained ideas :) Thank you! Photographer: Martin Ave Photos Corset: Laurie Tavan Model: Victoria Dagger


Prince Progress

I’ve been working on a new outfit for my son. After I finished laundering his outfit from the last even I decided to hack it up into pieces. The sleeves were too tight, the...


Spanish Look 3

And the last amazing artwork from the Spanish inspired series by Morgana: Model:Threnody in Velvet Photographer: Iberian Black Arts Corset & pants: Laurie Tavan


McMac Fabrications

McMac Fabrications had a field trip to our workshop on Feb. 1st, 2015. You can actually see the first wearing of the Vegas dress after we arrived back home from our trip to Vegas....