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Caramel Cream: doublet 0

Caramel Cream: doublet

The beading has finally started and more beads are on order! Here are some images of the trim my client purchased for her gown that was combined with caramel velvet and beading.

Fur trimmed Renaissance gown: for faire 0

Fur trimmed Renaissance gown: for faire

Here is a preview of my new Polish gown I will be wearing at the Folsom Renaissance faire coming up this weekend. I would like to make a different chemise that has more volume...

Polish gown inprogress 0

Polish gown inprogress

Our guildmistress picked out some fabric she decided had to be used for the guild. I dutifully purchased it and accepted the challenge to get a gown done by Folsom Renaissance faire. I wonder...

Pill box 0

Pill box

Cute little pill box completed today. It is made from a deep burgundy silk that has been quilted and pearled. It is edged in gold with a gold & black lining. I added in...

Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress 0

Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress

My client’s main concern is to maintain the lightest garment possible (for temperature as well as medical reasons) while attempting to still have a true Renaissance feel to her gown. In this vein we...

Burgundy dress final fitting 0

Burgundy dress final fitting

Tonight is the final fitting of this luxurious gown! Embroidered sleeves, a matching embroidered partlet, an attifet, and a pill box will complete the outfit. Here is a preview:

Wool Middles Renaissance gown 1

Wool Middles Renaissance gown

The skirt and bodice of this outfit are complete. I’ve included a few photos of my smallest mannequin wearing the gown but she doesn’t do it justice at all! My client is much smaller...

Green Wool Bodice 0

Green Wool Bodice

The Green wool middles are progressing nicely. I’m working on interlining the bodice today. Here are some progress shots: Tacking back the curved back seams:

Pad stitching and cartridge pleating 4

Pad stitching and cartridge pleating

Today will consist of lots of time pad stitching interlining to a wool bodice then hand sewing in the linen lining. The burgundy and gold nobles gown will have its skirt cartridge pleated today...

Wool Venetian hose 1

Wool Venetian hose

The black wool Venetian hose are ready for the final fitting. I’ll include a bunch of photos of the details here as I’m proud of the interior detailing that will never be seen while...

All those grommets covered! 0

All those grommets covered!

I’ve finally coverd all the grommets on one bodice. Here is a photo showing some with ladder lacing. In other grommet news, I’ve gotten 21 of the blue corsets grommets hand covered. A driving...