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Hairy Bow cape

View this post on Instagram I forgot to wear my braided hair brooch at dickens! Oops. But here it is displayed on my new cape #green #cape #hairbrooch A post shared by Laurie Tavan...

Shoes, Let’s get um. 1

Shoes, Let’s get um.

My friend Lauren is up to no good again and has designed yet another pair of shoes! SHOES! Must have them! Oh wait sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. If you haven’t seen...

Lucet cording: first samples 0

Lucet cording: first samples

I’m starting to get the hang of the tension to produce an even cord. I haven’t had time since vacation to play with it anymore but here are some of the cords I made:

On the plane: lucet cording 2

On the plane: lucet cording

Yes I am in Hawaii this week! Yes I took a plane here. Yes I did have handwork with me that didn’t include sharp pointy metal objects that may or may not have intimidated...

Paternosters: loop prayer beads w/ gauds 1

Paternosters: loop prayer beads w/ gauds

Here are two paternosters (aka historical rosaries or prayer beads) I’ve made for use at Renaissance faire: One is bone with coral marker beads decorated with gold and a terracotta tassel. The other is...

Popcorn Army 0

Popcorn Army

One of my friends made a set of popcorn creatures and secretly placed and photographed them when I was working on a corset at his house. I thought it was too cute not to...

Lil’ Hat 0

Lil’ Hat

Every once in a while, I find I don’t have the correct costuming for an event in my mammoth closet (s) [hallways, garage, or extra racks around the house]. I had an evening where...

Elf outfits 1

Elf outfits

These are based on a simple Victorian chemise but done up in a green cotton velveteen & embellished with burgundy ribbons. Amy and I will be wearing these Sunday evening at Dickens Christmas Fair...

Pill box 0

Pill box

Cute little pill box completed today. It is made from a deep burgundy silk that has been quilted and pearled. It is edged in gold with a gold & black lining. I added in...