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Paternosters: loop prayer beads w/ gauds 1

Paternosters: loop prayer beads w/ gauds

Here are two paternosters (aka historical rosaries or prayer beads) I’ve made for use at Renaissance faire: One is bone with coral marker beads decorated with gold and a terracotta tassel. The other is...

2008 Pleasanton Games 0

2008 Pleasanton Games

I enjoyed attending the Pleasanton Games today and enjoyed the good company :) Thank you to all those who said hello as well as those who kept me well watered and iced.

Rene’s bodice progress 0

Rene’s bodice progress

Now this bodice has been a bodice of DOOM! It has a extreme like for oily substances and will find any oil in a room and suck it up. I’ve watched Rene very carefully...

Caramel Cream: doublet 0

Caramel Cream: doublet

The beading has finally started and more beads are on order! Here are some images of the trim my client purchased for her gown that was combined with caramel velvet and beading.

Fur trimmed Renaissance gown: for faire 0

Fur trimmed Renaissance gown: for faire

Here is a preview of my new Polish gown I will be wearing at the Folsom Renaissance faire coming up this weekend. I would like to make a different chemise that has more volume...

Polish gown inprogress 0

Polish gown inprogress

Our guildmistress picked out some fabric she decided had to be used for the guild. I dutifully purchased it and accepted the challenge to get a gown done by Folsom Renaissance faire. I wonder...