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Green and Gray Gown: alterations 0

Green and Gray Gown: alterations

Shortly after this lovely green & gray Middles gown was finished my client lost a significant amounts of weight to make the outfit unwearable. The bodice just didn’t fit right even overlapped at front....

Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress 0

Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress

My client’s main concern is to maintain the lightest garment possible (for temperature as well as medical reasons) while attempting to still have a true Renaissance feel to her gown. In this vein we...

Wool Middles Renaissance gown 1

Wool Middles Renaissance gown

The skirt and bodice of this outfit are complete. I’ve included a few photos of my smallest mannequin wearing the gown but she doesn’t do it justice at all! My client is much smaller...

Green Wool Bodice 0

Green Wool Bodice

The Green wool middles are progressing nicely. I’m working on interlining the bodice today. Here are some progress shots: Tacking back the curved back seams:

Pad stitching and cartridge pleating 4

Pad stitching and cartridge pleating

Today will consist of lots of time pad stitching interlining to a wool bodice then hand sewing in the linen lining. The burgundy and gold nobles gown will have its skirt cartridge pleated today...