Proposed Project: all that pink is contagious

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  1. Bummer that the museum won’t let you view the painting in person. However, I do understand why.

    Museum staff are hideously overworked and underpaid, particularly in America. Many museums have storage rooms that are extremely crowded and hard to access. In order to allow a visitor the view a painting two, three or more people may have to devote more than a day to moving other works to access the one you want to see and transporting it to a viewing space. And all of this takes away time from their other work: caring for artwork, conserving artwork, preparing exhibitions, doing research (which eventually helps people like us), lending to other museums etc. etc. etc.

    So, even though most of them don’t want to, museums end up being forced to make judgement calls about where they can devote resources. And students and historical costumers don’t always make the cut (especially if it is up to an old-fashioned ‘only paintings and sculptures are art’ type curator). Which sucks. But is understandable.

    LOL sorry about the grandstanding – can you tell I work for a museum?!?

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