Italian gown: photoshoot & Valhalla Renaissance faire

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4 Responses

  1. Lauren R says:

    I think I just died and went to costume heaven. This is the most epic thing I’ve EVAR SEEN!!!!!

  2. Ramona Mink says:

    I found your site by searching for “Smocked” and so far I am in LOVE. Thanks for the impressive smocking tips with visual aids!! Now I know what I am going to spend my Sunday doing. Thanks again!

  3. Mary Spencer says:

    The gown is well, what can I say? Positively a work of art! Mere words can scarce do it justice! I am transported to another time with but one glance. You are talented and lovely…

  4. Genevieve says:

    OMG those smocked sleeves. Where did you find that pattern. Besides the Man…… fabric book are there other books for Italian smocking>

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