Laurie Tavan



We took a few shots without the beaded capelet so you can see more details of the outfit:


Casino Martin

Since I regretted not thinking to get a model while in Las Vegas we made our own casino for a shoot. Here is one of the first images: Photographer: Tavan Photography Models: Monica Lenk...


Studio shots

When we got home I had a day to get the outfit on the mannequin and take some studio shots:



Photographer: Tavan Photography Model: Rene Rodgers Corset ensemble: Laurie Tavan Hat: Kristi Taylor


Black & Tan

A new show piece for the shop on the way from a recent custom client fitting. Here is the lovely Monica trying it on for me. It is too short in the torso length...


Sugared Bows & Traveling

At this point the corset still needed a bunch of hand sewing. So what am I to do when headed off on my 7 year anniversary trip to Las Vegas with my husband? Take...



Savoy American Duchess shoes as worn by Cathy Hay during my visit to England this past year. Aren’t they so beautiful. You can get your own and she even has some imperfects up for...


Long Corset is long

Every year Foundations Revealed hosts a corsetry competition. This year there were two themes for the competition: The Five Senses and the 1913 E.F. Hume corset. I fully designed one for the former theme...


Masquerade Gown Collaboration

My client’s final gown once she finished the accessories and embroidered peacock underskirt. It was such a great project to be involved with and come together beautifully. The fully custom hybrid 18th century/Victorian stays,...