Laurie Tavan

Snow Flower 2- 0

Snow Flower 2-

A bit wicked yet beautiful Model: Threnody in Velvet Photographer: Iberian Black arts Corset, knickers, and garters: Laurie Tavan


Snow Flower-

Like a flower that grows up out of the snow in Tahoe each year we visit. A bit of bright red amongst the dark forest and white snow.


Dames a la Mode for the win!

Hello. I have been away from this blog too long. I have many updates and with the current American Duchess Giveaway I decided to start with updating you on my new accessories. I’d love...


Traveling to London

My flight was delayed by 3 hours. I quickly got placed onto an alternate connection (and cut out one layover so it was a fantastic change as I also got to fly out on...


Maui Trip

i decided to take one corset along with me on our family vacation. Here is my more dressed up look:       



I had the pleasure of shooting last years collection pieces underwater with Alberich with my best friend Jezebel. Here is one of the final images: Photographer: M. Alberich Mathews Model: Jezebel Designer: Laurie Tavan


Queen of Black Diamonds I

The second look Threnody in Velvet did up for me was my Queen for my Martin Casino theme. Not many people have noticed but all the cards in that campaign have black diamonds instead...


Fan & Curl

Here is the first image with Victoria Dagger wearing my designs styled with hats from Kalico Delafay Millinery for my Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook campaign: Step into the Spotlight. Fan & Curl. Photographer: Martin Ave...


Savoy Sale

$125 instead of $175 for lucky size US 7.5 and 8 sized feet, just one size too small for me or I’d be buying them myself! Ivory Savoy beaded Edwardian Shoes The non-sale pieces...



I love when models just go along with my hair brained ideas :) Thank you! Photographer: Martin Ave Photos Corset: Laurie Tavan Model: Victoria Dagger