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Victorian trousers 0

Victorian trousers

My husband always complains that I don’t make him anything. So I started this trial pair of trousers from a Simplicity pattern. I had to do little modification actually. There are a few things...

Sheer Victorian: bodice completed 4

Sheer Victorian: bodice completed

This has to be one of the first things I”ve totally sewn my machine! And it doesn’t feel totally horrible. Seeing as it is a “gesture” at a Victorian gown, done in sheer for...

1880s style coutil corset: mock-up 2

1880s style coutil corset: mock-up

Yep the bias coutil boning channels make me happy. Can’t wait to actually make the real corset. It was hard to stuff it evenly, so I can’t wait to see what actually happens on...