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Guest seamstress this week 0

Guest seamstress this week

One of my clients recently decided to make a corset for the first time. I snuck around with the camera a bit ao she might post a dress diary in the near future with...

Ready for try-on 0

Ready for try-on

Just a teaser shot of the finished corset. My pillow just doens’t fill her out right! Maybe a full fledged photo shoot will ensue tomorrow if I get some good shut-eye. New project might...

Stomacher lining – reversible 0

Stomacher lining – reversible

I added some of my lace to the top of the blue silk lining on the stomacher so it will be reversible – now to bind it as well as the other side of...

Custom embroidery label 0

Custom embroidery label

We decided to add a custom embroidery label to the wedding corset with our names and the date of the wedding. I’ve added in one more panel of the hand-sewn silk charmeuse.

Wedding progress 0

Wedding progress

I adjusted the pattern for Jeremy’s breeches and cut out the velvet last night, then serged all of the edges. Luckily this velvet is not leaving velvet “bugs” everywhere like I imagined it would....