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Wedding corset mock-up 0

Wedding corset mock-up

Look at all that blue erasable marker! Stitching lines can be drawn on the mock-up pattern pieces for quicker construction but the washable/disappearing markers warn that they don’t always “disappear” permanently so they are...

Back to sewing! 0

Back to sewing!

I’m back in town and sewing up a storm. This week a huge amount of progress has been made on a stunning Modern style wedding gown, awedding corset is going through the final stages,...


18th century hair and make-up

Kendra Van Cleave of Démodé, consulted on my hairstyle and make-up for the big day. She has expressed an interest in seeing more of the hair so I decided to share here a quick...

Edwardian World’s Faire 2008 0

Edwardian World’s Faire 2008

My sister and some of my girlfriends attended friday of weekend of Edwardian ball events as an impromptu bachelorette party. The rain welcomed us: