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PB&J corset: binding and drawstring 2

PB&J corset: binding and drawstring

I decided on the black to match the girdle although the purple looked very classy as well: Here is the final result: I’ve included more construction photos behind the cut showing insertion of the...

P&B corset: progress and lace 1

P&B corset: progress and lace

These photos show the detail at the busk including the planned lace treatment along the girdle. The lace was custom dyed purple. The first dye batch turned out too red but the second batch...

Purple Corset update 0

Purple Corset update

My fencing master looked spectacular in her first corset. I was honored that she wore it to my wedding. She is also a very accomplished seamstress and does lovely custom fencing gear and outfits:...

Purple stays: completed 0

Purple stays: completed

The corset and matching purple knife-pleated skirt are now with their new owner. A photoshoot will take place eventually!