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Finding a new home 0

Finding a new home

Going to see another workroom space today. This one really calls to me and would work to have my corsetry business have enough space to have an office, a client lounge, a photo studio,...

Happy New Year! 0

Happy New Year!

Dickens Fair ate the entire winter season. I’ve been posting mostly on my Facebook page the past year so if you have missed updates check in there. Otherwise I’ll be slowly adding in posts...

Morgana Mock-up- first toile 0

Morgana Mock-up- first toile

All the Morganas! #ococ13 #conferenceofcorsets #corsets #learncorsetry #corsetry #friends #fashion #learning #sewing #skills #oxford #Morgana @threnodyinvelvet 💞 A post shared by Oxford Conference of Corsetry (@conferenceofcorsetry) on Dec 7, 2016 at 12:55am PST


Family portrait

Thank you Anne for taking these lovely shots of my family at the Dickens Fair. This year we are portraying the family of Dr. Caplin. A quick rundown of the family can be found...


Cathy Hay visits

I was surprised when Cathy brought out the Peacock gown panel! Here is a snapshot: We didn’t do anything overly exciting but Cathy did get some stitching done in my workroom. I got to...

Matchy Bonnet 0

Matchy Bonnet

I convinced Katie to try on the bonnet with matching ribbons. I told her she looks like a Goth Little Bo Peep. But I had not sheep or crook to give her.

Baby is born 5

Baby is born

Shortly after finishing up work for the day on the purple wedding gown my water broke on Sept. 19th- 37+ hours of labor later I have a precious little bundle: I’m lucky that he...

1880s style coutil corset: mock-up 2

1880s style coutil corset: mock-up

Yep the bias coutil boning channels make me happy. Can’t wait to actually make the real corset. It was hard to stuff it evenly, so I can’t wait to see what actually happens on...

The Rose awards- Voting now OPEN :) 1

The Rose awards- Voting now OPEN :)

Many of you know I submitted my knighting gown to the Realm of Venus Showcase this year. *Click image to go directly to Realm of Venus* Bella gives out some awards based on community...

18th century hair and make-up 0

18th century hair and make-up

Kendra Van Cleave of Démodé, consulted on my hairstyle and make-up for the big day. She has expressed an interest in seeing more of the hair so I decided to share here a quick...