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We took a few shots without the beaded capelet so you can see more details of the outfit:


Casino Martin

Since I regretted not thinking to get a model while in Las Vegas we made our own casino for a shoot. Here is one of the first images: Photographer: Tavan Photography Models: Monica Lenk...


Studio shots

When we got home I had a day to get the outfit on the mannequin and take some studio shots:


Sugared Bows & Traveling

At this point the corset still needed a bunch of hand sewing. So what am I to do when headed off on my 7 year anniversary trip to Las Vegas with my husband? Take...


Long Corset is long

Every year Foundations Revealed hosts a corsetry competition. This year there were two themes for the competition: The Five Senses and the 1913 E.F. Hume corset. I fully designed one for the former theme...