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Spider Mid-bust corset 4

Spider Mid-bust corset

This is a mid-bust Victorian corset made from peach shot with green dupioni silk, interlining, and a coutil strength layer. It features some machine embroidery and a free-hand embroidered spider on the one side....

Chemise done 0

Chemise done

A long time ago I posted some cuffs and a collar I experimented on using stitches from my Pfaff machine. I think they turned out pretty. Here they are finally put onto the shirt...

Custom embroidery label 0

Custom embroidery label

We decided to add a custom embroidery label to the wedding corset with our names and the date of the wedding. I’ve added in one more panel of the hand-sewn silk charmeuse.

Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress 0

Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress

My client’s main concern is to maintain the lightest garment possible (for temperature as well as medical reasons) while attempting to still have a true Renaissance feel to her gown. In this vein we...

Cuffs and collar 0

Cuffs and collar

Working on some machine embroidered blackwork cuffs and collars using very simple stitches. Here is a preview of the new chemise’s collars and cuffs:

18th century corset – preview 0

18th century corset – preview

Another quick glimpse at the wedding corset. The center front is still lacking panels. I’ve stuck in a wooden busk just to support the lacing while I checked that everything was working well. Embroidery...

Chemise nearly done 0

Chemise nearly done

I had the pleasure of wearing my new chemise this weekend and it is indeed nearly done. Any additions will be cosmetic and will be delayed due to other priorities. Here is a preview:

A bunch of updates 0

A bunch of updates

Finished hand binding all those grommets! Continued working on the new chemise with some lovely progress. Here is a photo: In other news I’ve started a Cranach gown from a few yards of upholstry...

Embroidery for a caul 0

Embroidery for a caul

Here is a photo of the progress on the polish caul, mainly done with a chain stitch. Made totally freehand – I let my hands design as I went which was a very relaxing...