Queen Victoria: ballgown bodice inprogress

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3 Responses

  1. Pax says:

    Looks great. Why can’t you wear this at Dickens?

  2. laurie says:

    Ballgown bodices are not approved for Dickens fair because they want to maintain a specific look. In Fezziwigs Warehouse for instance you might think Ballgown bodices would be appropriate because of the dancing. But the premise from the book is actually that it is a party at the Warehouse after work so the people are still in their every day wear. They don’t go home and get dressed up for the party. It isn’t a ball that you’d dress up in your ballgown. Hope that makes sense.

    Dickens fair is supposed to be twighlight so if we have Queen Victoria go to the V&A theatre or one of the other formal stages I can see making an exception since it was noted in history that Queen Victoria went to the theatre and Opera in ballgowns wearing a tiara. I haven’t heard back from stages whether the Royal family is making any appearances at the stages this year.

  3. Bess Chilver says:

    Thats looks gorgeous. Inspires me to get back on with working on my new corset so I can make my Victorian gown (red velvet!).

    BTW – The Young Victoria is a lovely film. Its already out on DVD here in the UK, though I never saw it at the cinema. Did see it on the plane when I either came out to or returned home from Costume College.

    Such GORGEOUS frocks!

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