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Sitenews: new categories 0

Sitenews: new categories

I keep thinking how lovely it would be to have an easy way for people to look at all posts related to one project (a la dress diary style). So I’m doing this without...

Sitenews: new RSS feed 0

Sitenews: new RSS feed

We moved my syndication to Feedburner last night. If you’re subscribed to my RSS feed, please click the big orange RSS icon in the upper right corner and resubscribe through Feedburner. Thanks!

Sitenews: new corset added to portfolio 0

Sitenews: new corset added to portfolio

Check out this corset already in action! We used it as part of an entry into the Pirate Pin-up contest for the upcoming festival in Vallejo. Rene currently graces the front page of our...