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Wisteria Faye

The colours will always remind me of the San Jose Sharks :) Fashion Equinox Producer/Director: Frank Versyle Designer: Laurie Tavan Model: Faye Valentine MUA: Jennifer Mathews Hair: Dina Braden Combs Photographer: Tavan Photography


My first ever gown – upcoming auction

When I was still in college my now Mother-in-law Ann made me a pink bog dress for Halloween. I went to my first Renaissance Faires in 2001. I was so proud of that pink...


Black & Red Corset

Corsets seem like an unlikely article of clothing to take underwater… they don’t flow or drape or do anything interesting themselves underwater. But the model’s body positioning which is only possible underwater and flowing...


Black Pompadours from American Duchess

Lauren of American Duchess suggested I could easily pair my pink gown with the black shoes with a change of accessories. So with a change in hairstyle, addition of a black velvet ribbon and...

FR Stipey corset: finished 3

FR Stipey corset: finished

I ended up having to redo one seam to get the stripes to be more similar from side to side :) I’m happy with the end results, quite a tedious but wonderful project :)...