Starry Nite corset: completed

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6 Responses

  1. Whitestar says:

    Love the stars, but what I love even more is the grey fabric you used. It’s gorgeous! Is it dupioni? I think that’s what it’s called? Makes me what to have a dark grey corset. My list of corset colors is getting waaaaay too long O.o

  2. Vanityfairy says:

    Very pretty with all the stars! Are they embriodered or are they spangles?
    Also, I’m wondering what kind of lace you’re using for lacing, is that silk ribbon?

  3. laurie says:

    The stars are custom designed machine embroidery done in rayon & rayon/metallic threads. The lacing is just plain old polyester ribbon. I usually use a wider size ribbon but didn’t have any silver. I’d love to find the blue/green color in a ribbon but haven’t been able to :(

  4. laurie says:

    @Whitestar – yes the gray is a dupioni silk. The gray fabric is actually striped – very subtle but if you look close you can see it changing darker to lighter along the binding and the back panels every few inches. I only have enough for an underbust left, if that though. Wish I’d have bought more.

  5. Vanityfairy says: will custom dye to match any sample you send them. I’ve been thinking about it, but was unsure if a ribbon would hold for corsetry, but if you use it I’m confident so I’m gonna give the custom dying a shot!

  6. laurie says:

    I didn’t realize they do custom dye batches! Thanks for the heads up on that. I haven’t tried silk ribbon but I imagine if it doesn’t hold up well for lacing a corset you can always just use it decoratively instead. Ooo… now I have to send them a sample.

    Honestly I’ve seen the cotton lacing sold as corset lacing break (snap) on three different corsets in the past 3 years. One was on my own! I just replaced out with double sided polyester ribbon.

    For my tightlacers I’ve use the polyester flat cording sold as corset lacing. Some still prefer I use the 5/8″ polyester ribbon though.

    Let me know how the silk ribbon goes. Silk is a really strong fiber so maybe they can make strong ribbon….

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