Green up your production: scrap use & zero waste

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  1. Chelle says:

    I would like any red or black “faire approvable” scraps you have. A friend is making a quilt and has asked me to contribute to them.

  2. laurie says:

    Okay we have our first taker for fabric scraps! Let’s do one more for the next commenter but it will be a random selection so it will be a surprise when your package arrives.

    Michelle, I’d love to see the final quilt – it sounds like a fun project.
    Do you have a minimum size requirement for scraps? I’ll get together what I think will work for you from my bin.

  3. Ari says:

    me! I’ll take some! :)

    I use my scraps for a crazy quilt.

  4. laurie says:

    You got it Ari, I’ll pick out some pretty stuff fo you. Michelle or Ari, Do you guys need it shipped?

  5. Kimiko says:

    Yeah for scraps! My effigy corset was made from several scrap remnants that I bought on eBay. The fabric was too pretty, and I have more to make something else from. I even kept the scraps from the scraps to make something else.

  6. Robin says:

    My cabbage basket is also filling up, I have actually been quite pleased to be able to pull out a few pieces here and there to use. Yay for the cabbage basket, oh and my cat thinks it makes quite the comphy bed. :D

  7. Chelle says:

    Hey Laurie,

    I’ll pick up anything you have when I come over on Sunday evening for my pictures.


  8. Mel says:

    I love scraps! I use them for all sorts of things–pincushions, buttons, trim, hats, and when all else fails, stuffing. Every now and then I have to go through our “eye” and throw out really ugly/tiny scraps, since we do live in an apartment, but it’s always so hard to throw out anything that could be useful.

    And yes, it’s an excellent cat bed (but they don’t like it when it’s too full–it has to be flat or nested, not mounded).

  9. laurie says:

    I can’t let my parrot near my scrap pile! She will nest and become territorial. But she sure likes to look at all the fabric and begs for anything that looks nest-like.

    But I bet the cabbage bin is similar to a laundry basket of clothing to a cat. My cats growing up always curled up in the clean laundry.

    Hey Robin, do your cats like your fabric as much as your clean laundry? And if there is a preference, I wonder if varies by cat. I bet they would pick a plush velvet fabric in the color opposite their primary hair color just to make sure you noticed they liked it.

  10. Ellira says:

    Ah my mother digs into me about keeping scraps, but they’re so useful! I use them to practise stuff on, to stuff things, even as heavy interfacing. I even keep scraps of wool and cotton etc for stuffing. I must have saved on bags of stuffing just because I don’t throw away my scraps!

  11. Vonnie says:

    Finally! A name to put to my bags of scrap materials! I’ve always kept my stash of scraps. You never know! Right? I keep them in those lovely square zippered bags that sheet sets come in. I have a sizable cabbage patch under my bed; might have to repot it soon…it keeps on growing! Thanks for the link to uses for scraps!

  12. I love the term cabbage! I can’t believe I have never heard it before this, and am definitely going to use it from now on. I don’t need any of your scraps – I have far too much cabbage of my own thank you!

    I do pride myself on reducing most of my fabric into scraps less than 2″ square when I sew something, but things like bias cut always yield bigger pieces. I use a lot of the leftovers to make binding, and I’ve decided I am saving the rest to make a yoyo quilt:

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