Firenze, Italy: Stibbert museum cont…

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  1. Laurie, I’m finding your pictures (all of them, not just the Italy ones!) absolutely fabulous. But for the Italy trip, I just *love* seeing what you were seeing.

    I simply marvel at the opulence of, not only the clothing, but the buildings … exterior and interior. My mind just can’t comprehend that these were everyday garments for (admittedly) the aristocracy and *not* for a Ren Faire. :-) The architecture is beyond words … I can’t imagine living in such an atmosphere, where beauty is all around you, every day. It’s just unbelieveable.

    I would love to see more … of both the Italy trip and whatever it is that you are working on. :-) I love your stuff. :-)

  2. Oleg Naumov says:

    Any photos from Stibbert Museum are interesting! Thank you. I 2011 photo was not allowed there. Have they changed their rule according to Francescini Law adopted in 2014?

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