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New fabric: yummy tartan 2

New fabric: yummy tartan

This didn’t actually arrive in time for the project I intended it for so maybe it will become a gown for my lil’ boy… decisions…

Proposed project: 18th century bodice 3

Proposed project: 18th century bodice

Remember this fabric, I found what it has to be made into. “A LADY’S BODICE OF BLUE SILK BROCADE POSSIBLY DUTCH, FIRST HALF OF THE 18TH CENTURY “ I’m hoping I’ll have enough for...

Fabric stash additions 2

Fabric stash additions

A lovely, deep & rich purple-shot-with-black silk taffeta: I have a limited amount of this but can buy more if a project demanded a lot of yardage. Blue & Silver with floral design damask:...

Fabric Stash 1

Fabric Stash

I’ve promised some updates to the site and I’ve gotten one started. I’ll be uploading more photos and descriptions to the fabric stash pages as time allows. Click here to see fabrics