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Dickens Fair: bonnets in progress 2

Dickens Fair: bonnets in progress

Preparation for Dickens Christmas Fair is well under way :) Made it through the first workshop weekend as well as dancing practice with the Prince consort(s) tonight. I wanted a fun project & these...

Queen Victoria revamp: bows 0

Queen Victoria revamp: bows

I’ve decided on cream bows to hold up the swoops of the upper tier. I had suggestions for blue, white with blue stripes, and buttons but this was my favorite: The blue cape is...

Dickens Fair: workshops & petticoats 0

Dickens Fair: workshops & petticoats

I’m headed off to Dickens Fair workshops this weekend. Liz Martin, the costume director, was concerned with the lack of petticoats in the cast last year so I threw together some “bedskirt” petticoats with...