Costume college: day 2 – Orientation

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  1. Rebecca Rowan says:

    The head of volunteers (in the white wig for orientation) is Elizabeth McCash. The two ladies looking over paperwork were Cathy Hay and her editor Marion. But then, you probably know that since you have written for Your Wardrobe Unlock’d. And the documenter was Chaz Boston Baden who has a website with lots of photos on it. He was also in charge of the photographers at Costume Con 26.

  2. Historical costumes are really beautiful. My closet is usally full of old costumes from years gone past. Many dress up parties and a few toss-aways from those nights when my girlfriend wants to “spice up” our relationship. Every Halloween is the same though. Who needs to spend money on buying a new costume? Just raid the closet.
    -Helfyre Tyrell-

    “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”-Da Vinci
    Halloween Costumes

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