Laurie Tavan


Queen Victoria Doll

Sneak Peek at detailing on the Queen Victoria doll I’m making to match my own gown:


Silk Fifties Dress: inprogress

Here are a couple shots taken while I was working on a 1950s dress in a fun brightly-colored silk. Look for photos of the finished outfit in the coming weeks – it’s been done...

1930s EffanBee doll Outfit reproduction 0

1930s EffanBee doll Outfit reproduction

My grandfather recently gifted me his Effanbee doll under the condition that I make a reproduction dress for the sweetheart. She is in good condtion but the fabric of her entire outfit has shattered...

In the works… 0

In the works…

I’m excited about a corset/skirt design that is inprogress. Rich shot silks and embroidery in a luscious ensemble. A Venetian-style mask completes the package. Check back in a few days for pictures!